The Women's and Children's Shelter of the districts of Ammerland and Wesermarsch

Domestic violence and abuse can affect every woman. According to current studies, 1 in 3 women worldwide experience  physical and/or sexual abuse in her lifetime. 

Our Women's and Children's Shelter Ammerland-Wesermarsch offers safe accommodation and protection from further violence. The safety of all women and children is very important to us, therefore, the whereabouts of the women and children are anonymous and are not disclosed.

Women and their children who are affected by intimate partner or any non-partner violence and/or abuse, are welcome and will have the opportunity to find peace in their own apartments. 

The Women's and Children's Shelter should be open to as many women as possible - regardless of their origin, age, number of children, religious affiliation, financial situation, etc. The Women's and Children's Protection House is equipped with an elevator and there is a wheelchair accessible apartment. Women and children with other disabilities or illnesses are also welcome.

Along with peace of mind, protection and shelter, if women and children wish to have and/or need counselling, it will certainly be provided to them.

Together, we can look for ways out of the crisis. We can help women and children develop a new perspective towards their situation.

If in immediate danger, the women and children can be brought to us by the police (Tel.: 110). Though, it is less stressful for all involved if the admission is planned by contacting us in advance. Nonetheless, in the case of any danger, it is of course possible to come to us immediately and spontaneously.

Our staff can be reached 24hrs a day at the Women's and Children's Shelter:

Tel: 0441 / 21001-495