How to get into the Women's and Children's Shelter

Get help quick! - When you are in immediate danger:

You have the right to call the police any time for your own safety:

Telephone: 110

The police can order the violent person out of your home for 10 days or help you get yourself and your children to safety. 
(See Protection against Violence Act)

How to get into the shelter for women and children:

You can call the number 0441/21001-495 anytime, day and night.

If you are looking for a place in the Women's and Children's Shelter and we have a room available, we will describe the way to a meeting point. At this meeting point, we will pick you and your children up.

For security reasons, the address of the Women's and Children's Shelter is not public.

If we do not currently have a vacancy, you can call the same number for information about other women's shelters.

You can also get information on the the website of the state of Lower Saxony: Link 

If you are able to prepare your departure, it is important to bring some things with you (if you have them):

  • Identity cards or passports
  • Health insurance cards, vaccination cards, health care record booklets
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificate, family record book
  • Benefit statements, work papers
  • Child benefit number(s)
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • Urgent/needed medications
  • School supplies for your children, report cards
  • For babies: special food for a few days, if possible
  • clothes for 2-3 weeks
  • personal things from your home that are dear and valuable to you (photos, jewellery, etc.)

You can also give some things to a trusted person in advance and retrieve them later. 

If anything is missing, we will support you in getting it back.


All things aside, what is most important is your safety!